Student Union

Phase I Project Cost:

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All across the world, college students find refuge in their student unions. It’s a gathering place where they can connect with one another, grab a meal before their next class, study and work on homework, or even catch a quick nap!

Koinadugu College will have the same need for a dining space and location for students to study in between and after classes. This is critical for several reasons:

  • Sanitation and quality control of food being sold and consumed

  • Sanitation and control of waste disposal around campus

  • Study space for students, particularly those who may not have such at home and for those coming from a considerable distance to campus, which could potentially impact academic performance

  • Creation of a culture of knowledge exchange and camaraderie amongst learners and instructors

In phase 1, we aim to build an open-air student cafeteria and study area. Given this structure will be part of a college, we expect it, with proper maintenance, to serve the academic community for at least 20 years.

Phase 1 Components

  • Open-air building

    • Building material costs (Iron rods, lumber and cement)

    • Skilled labor

  • Furnishings

    • Tables, chairs, kitchen equipment

future project components

In future phases, we see the student union expanding to include recreation spaces, landscaping, kitchens and more.

Photo by Tonygers/iStock / Getty Images