Phase I Project Cost:

key funding provided by

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In the spirit of sustainability, we have developed an endowment fund from the onset of creating the college. We have built the college because there are clear immediate needs, yet we are not only thinking about the here and now.

Feeding Mouths, Filling Minds is contributing the initial $10,000 for endowment. The broader Koinadugu College team is establishing the governing guidelines of the endowment and the Board team to make decisions about the underlying investments.

The goal of this money is to grow it, earning investment income annually that can be used prudently for the college. The investment gain of the endowment can be used for supplementing operating costs or support of specific programs.

If you want to compound your impact on the lives of many who will gain their education at Koinadugu College and have a lasting legacy, please consider contributing to our endowment fund. One way to add major influence on our endowment fund is to make it the beneficiary to your investments or within your will and trust.