Classroom Furnishings & Supplies

Phase I Project Cost:
US$5,000 + Supply donations

key funding provided by

Project 1808

When you think of a classroom, some of the most common images that come to mind are desks & chairs, blackboards and textbooks. Our professors and students need these basic essentials when the college opens its doors. 

The college needs funding to purchase large items such as blackboards and furniture from local markets. Other items can be sourced second-hand and brought over from the United States when volunteers visit the school. 

A huge thanks goes out to Sun Prairie High School of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, for donating desks, tables and chairs to furnish the college!

Funding is still needed to cover the cost of:
* White/blackboards/markers
* Misc. supplies, paper, textbooks, etc. 
* Shipping costs to deliver materials to Sierra Leone