Phase I Project Cost: US$24,050

key funding provided by:

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This three-room building is where the majority of classes at Koinadugu College will occur. Construction for the main building began in January 2018. 

Phase i components

  • Foundation - COMPLETE

  • Walls - COMPLETE

  • Roofing - COMPLETE

  • Zinc coating - COMPLETE

  • Wall plaster - COMPLETE

  • Doors and windows - COMPLETE

  • Electrical wiring

  • Concrete flooring - COMPLETE

  • Painting

  • Stairs - COMPLETE

future project components

  • Solar power

How we're making this project sustainably

We are using red clay bricks, obtained from local soils for our building needs. The use of locally derived clay soil bricks have reduced our use of the high-energy consuming mortar cement by 90 percent. We are also using local contractors and labor for all of our work, which creates a source of employment. The wood or boards used for roofing were obtained locally from the community. We have used zinc roofing that are cheap, affordable, corrosion resistant, self healing and have low maintenance regime. We have additional plans to use solar panels to power the Main Academic Building.