Technology Solutions

Phase I Project Cost: US$12,000

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Just 2 percent of the population in Sierra Leone have access to the internet - and that number is much lower in the remote Koinadugu District. In 2015, Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies began construction work on a 400km fibre-optic network in Sierra Leone. Internet access does not currently exist at the location upon which Koinadugu College is being built. 

Today, one can hardly imagine obtaining a college education without access to the Internet and other technologies. Additionally, in order to prepare our students for careers in a global society, knowledge of technology is paramount. With a connection to the internet, we are able to provide lower-cost teaching resources, remote learning and training for our educators.

Phase I Components

  • Wi-fi installation and year-one service costs

  • Computers

  • TV screens/monitors/webcams

  • Printers

Phase II Components

  • To be decided

  • Projectors